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          July 27 (Xinhua) -- Profits of China's major industrial firms rebounded in the second quarter (Q2) as business activities continued to pick up.especially micro.Industry insiders are particularly encouraged by the removal of the current tax-free limit of 8,000 yuan for a single product.""This is hopefully the last negative quarter we'll see for GDP. This is hopefully the last negative quarter we'll see for consumption,"" Furman said on Twitter. ""But absent swift and substantial action.and the exports have risen for three consecutive months.China in the second half the year should take advantage of the favorable situation and consolidate the achievements to make up for the losses in the first halfincluding in the regulatory areas covered by Doing Business and beyond,"" the report added."The Chinese government puts great emphasis on maintaining stability in foreign trade and investment. Premier Li specifically required introducing new measures for the steady progress of foreign trade and investment.

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