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          as the number of migrant workers staying in or returning to rural areas keeps increasing. Income and employment are closely related. Our people have infinite creativity. This is what makes the Chinese economy resilient,"" Li said.being mindful of the trade-offs and implications of continuing to support the economy while preserving financial stability,"" Adrian and Natalucci said in the blog.The World Bank president urged the G20 to ""open the door to consultations"" about the debt overhang itself and effective ways to reduce the net present value of both official bilateral and commercial debt for the poorest countries.""Lawmakers are expected to settle on another fiscal rescue package in the next few weeks.to make sure that the targets and missions in this respect are achievedChina ranked 78th among 190 economies around the world.IMF spokesperson Gerry Rice said at a virtual press briefing Thursday that ""tomorrow we expect that number to be 70.profits in 10 of the 41 industrial sectors surveyed logged year-on-year increases.

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